A start to a thought.

In my life I have had the chance to experience so many things. Be it in terms of life, love, friendships, death, travel – the list goes on. All of these things have made me into the person I am today. Where do I even begin to explain what I have seen, heard or been through? I have no aim in this blog other then to express myself. To share my thoughts, my feelings and my memories –  those in the past and that of the present. Of course its also for my dear friends and family to get a look into my life and what I get up to from time to time.

Currently I am a 23 year old woman living in South Korea as an English teacher. I am from the beautiful country of South Africa, a born and bred Durban Girl.

I have been living in Korea for 7 months now and my oh my, what an experience this has been. Korea for me in one word is RANDOM. I have seen things so strange I sometimes blink twice in case I am hallucinating.

Everything seems to go in fast forward here. In 7 months I have learned so much. The challenges and lessons one experiences here are those that will stay with you forever – and also change you. I can say without a doubt that I am a different person to the girl I was 7 months ago. I feel it is for the better but often wonder how my friends and family back at home will react once they notice the differences. Don’t get me wrong – I am still the same nutcase as I always have been known to be – but there are a few tweaks that have been made to Shardale.

What I mean when I say things are in fast forward?

– You get to know people at a rapid pace. The good and the bad about them. As foreigners living in South Korea we tend to stick to each other. We become a family of friends and often it is a great support system. On the other extreme we spend so much of time with each other we end up exposing so much of us in a short period of time of knowing one another.  What would normally take me a year or even years to  see in a person I see in months. This can prove to be both negative and positive depending on the person and exactly what they are exposing to those around them. I know many of my friends here can tell you a good story or two but for the safety of those people I am sure we would never speak about it, online at least.

– The change that for me is the biggest eye/mind/spiritual opener is the change that occurs within yourself. This is what really goes into fast forward mode. Maybe it hasn’t been like that for everyone but I know within myself and many of my friends here, our change – the inner and outer – occurs rapidly. Why does this happen? I thought about it  and the outcome I feel is – We have more time with our thoughts. We have more time by ourselves.

Back at home in South Africa I was always occupied, spending time with friends, going out, entertaining guests at home, seeing my family, etc. Basically I had a social life of note! So I never had much time to myself to think so much and analyse, dissect and explore my mind. But in Korea – all we have is time. Our weekends from time to time may be busy and filled with adventures but our weekdays are filled with work and home – the occasional visit of a friend from the same area as you.

Sitting in your one room apartment (yes that is the size of most of our apartments here) we have all the time in the world with ourselves. Many people suffer with the ability to enjoy their own company. I however have been loving it. I get to do what I want when I want to, be messy and eat my whole kitchen out when I’m bored.

I have learned so much about myself now that I have had the chance to get to know myself, and this is what changes you as a person.

When you can evaluate yourself but learn and grow as a person –  you change. I will agree at times it can be a nightmare when those unwanted thoughts and memories pop up but hey, all of those must be dealt with too. Another reason I have gone through change is due to the fact that by coming here, I became an adult. I now have my own place, my own job and my own responsibilities that all rest on my shoulders. My decisions and the consequences of them were all mine to pay. No family support system around or anyone to advise me on what do. I grew up and I’m still growing.

I feel like I have so much to say about everything. I am a diverse individual who enjoys the many gifts that the universe and life has to offer. For a while I didn’t know how to start this up but I needed to gain some perspective on exactly how I’d like to do this. It may be boring to some, exciting to others but to me right now this is my way of capturing my journey. To me writing is the best release to capture moments and thoughts of your life in detail, to help ease your mind, but also to help you remember.

And this is what this is for me – Moments Captured but Memories Kept.


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  1. pretty cool dale 🙂 look forward to reading more from you. missing you in durbs.. wen past your house the other day and thought of you..

    Keep well & Take care

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