I am a music lover of note. Music is my life, even got a tattoo to mark it and prove it! (but I also just wanted the tattoo:) Jokes aside, I live and breath music, the way it makes you feel, the beats and the rhythms that make it what it is, that creates sounds that truly lift energies and bring people to life. It has been my dream to work around it, to share my love and thoughts about music and artists/DJ’s.

Music has gotten me through the toughest and happiest moments in my life. I believe that for every situation in your life there is a song for it.   And true as can be, name a moment in my life and I will tell you what song I connected with it at the time. With most of my memories, I affiliate a song with it to remember the year, the moment, the situation I was in at the time.

I have a love for all genres of music, from classical to rock, to rap and trance, electro – house and hip hop, Bollywood, country, etc. You name it. They all make you feel. No matter what the emotion, that is what Music does –  it makes you feel. You feel it in your mind, your body and with those great rhythms – in your soul.

Many of my friends will know how elated I get with music and artists. They also know just how my reaction tends to be when I get to experience them live! In South Africa I was a stalker for our famous SA DJ’s Fresh, Euphonik and Dino Bravo. Whenever they were in town thats where I would usually be – losing myself to their beats on the dance floor!


In Korea I have been beyond blessed to have had the chance to experience some of the greatest DJ’s and artists. I say “experience” because that is what it is – you dont just see them live, you feel them, their music, their sounds, the way DJ’s create a set, bringing you higher and higher into their musical world with every second. With artists its the same, you listen and feel every word that comes out of their mouth, the energy that comes off from them feeds you as a person. Not only that the energy you feel from the people around you is astounding and very much addictive.

Korea really goes all out and has so many music festivals to my absolute pleasure! Usually 2 day festivals, bringing in DJ’s from all over the world. But I will go through all the festivals and concerts individually! Those posts will be up soon 🙂


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