Going to Korea

Fresh out of university feeling like I could conquer the world, a graduate – FINALLY – After 4 years at diverse Howard College, UKZN. It’s a feeling we all look forward to but then we realise our label has changed. We can no longer say, “We are students”, and still feel like we have a purpose in the world, a reason to wake up in the morning. Now when asked what we do, our response is sadly, “Oh I’m unemployed” – sigh.


Many of us come out of the illusion that we had in university thinking getting a job would be so easy. Oh the slap into reality one receives!

You go through phases too. First its along the line of – at least I get to have a small break before starting a job! More lazy time! More party time! Wahoo!

Then you get to sleeping at 4am, waking up at 1pm, eating what you find and being a couch potato watching TV the whole day till the routine starts all over again.


You apply for jobs online, from the newspaper, your grandfather phones connections to help you out and your family email you or tell you of countless “opportunities” that you in your fussy mind are not interested in – mainly because it is not in your field of studying.

A problem all people face,(I am openly guilty of this) especially graduates, is the thought that you can immediately find your dream job. The dream job comes with hard work, and time.

In the beginning of the start of your working career, you really can’t choose your job, it chooses you, you are given it if you make an impression and are humble enough to understand you must start at the bottom. The unemployment crisis is sadly something many countries are going through. As a graduate you are constantly told

  • You need experience
  • You don’t have enough experience

We will all roll our eyes now and say, “How are we to get experience if nobody employs us because we don’t have enough experience”

After a good couple months of being unemployed most of us look outside of our country.

Why Korea?

One word, or should I say name – Aneesa.

A close friend Aneesa was the first to go to Korea, and she really started a trend. After hearing of her experiences in Korea as an English teacher and the bonus of earning a much higher salary then I would have received at my age, while also getting the chance to travel – it seemed like a good path to look at. Especially when I had a friend there who encouraged this move from the get go. After a long document process, I sent applications through and received a reply the day after, I was interviewed and then told – we want you at our school! Amazing!

And then came the reality that I would be leaving my friends, my family – which I really feel did not hit me until my last two weeks at home. But I was blessed to have such great support and encouragement from all of them. It was scary to think of teaching most of all, I may have an English Degree but I didn’t know if teaching would be my thing, if I could hold a childs attention or have the patience for it – but one of my paths had been chosen and what better to do then to plunge deep into it and live it!

Seven months later – have I been living it!


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  1. I am laughing at this. Too many Saffa’s in Korea now though, especially thanks to me! Gotta find a new spot in the world that I can conquer 😀

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