My Angels

I’m unsure how to start this. What does one really say after losing a parent, a friend, a loved one. No matter who it is or what type of relationship it was – the loss is felt. Recently in the space of 3 weeks I lost 2 dear friends of mine, but the greatest loss was my father.

I have always been a Daddy’s girl. Always proud to say it, and still proud to say I am my father’s daughter.
He was a proud man but had such a gentle heart. His presence was felt as soon as he entered a room. His loud happy voice was heard immediately as you whiffed in the spicy smell of his perfume mixed with his Camel cigarettes.

The type of person that Once you met him, you will never forget him.

I am fortunate to have such liberal parents. It allowed my sisters and I to grow into our own, create our own mindsets and to see the world in many ways. If there’s one thing I will always appreciate about my Dad is that he never acted like he wasn’t young before. He would talk to my sisters and I about everything. And when I say everything – I mean everything. (“,) He never wanted us to be unaware of the world, and he always wanted us to learn from his experiences. Because he was so honest with us I can completely say that my dad was COOL and mean it!

dad and me

My friends who met him would give me such compliments after meeting him or spending time with him as he would talk to them in the same manner as he would to me.
By far the wisest man I have ever known.

As his child, I will miss hugging him the most and having him hold my hand while he drove. I will miss hearing him tell me he loves me, something he would do at the end of every phonecall or any goodbye, he would always make a point of saying – I love you my darling.

With my sisters I will miss pampering him! My big sister would massage his feet, my middle sisters – his hands and I would massage his back. Its the kind of time we enjoyed sharing with him to show him some love and attention.

The love that I have for my father is unconditional,it can’t be touched. He was and always will be the greatest man in my life, and I will always be his baby. I could only hope and pray that I be blessed with him as my father for the rest of my lifetimes.

bday airport

TAMANY (21)   

I was fortunate to meet this beautiful girl in University, and after getting to know her and the rest of the girls – we suddenly found ourselves not being just a group but being a family. Tams was an honest person from the get go. Told it as it is. True to her self and not one to judge. We had many wonderful days together, many memorable nights and some serious Thunee (Card game) that was shared amongst us! I loved having her come home, I always knew when she arrived.

tams and terigirls

From the girls, what they remember of her is that she was a Sister. Always there, always willing to listen and to help, very forgiving. Someone who was Firm in her beliefs and genuine.

When talking to her, the warmth in her voice was always felt and always remembered.

She was an angel even before being called to be an official angel.

  WESLEY (26)

This brother I also met in university, and what a guy! He probably knew who he was from the day he was born. I never saw this man pretend, never hide himself – he was unique in all the best ways. Always ready to do things, to go places, try new things and meet people – old or new. Intelligent, Sociable, Welcoming, Friendly, Honest. Never judged – always accepted.

Loved his music, rhyming with his friends, exchanging the words, the beats, the energy.

He paid attention without others realising it, for instance, one year he remembered my birthday and got me a gift. I didn’t expect it and it was so appreciated. Reading the messages that many posted on his Facebook wall – truly testaments to the person he was.

In his 26 years of life, he has touched so many lives, and he will always be remembered.

wesley 2

In losing these 3 loved ones, I feel like my eyes have been opened to the universe and even more to how much I need to make the most of NOW. To make the most with the people that I love and to take the time in my day to Thank God and the Universe for the time I was allowed to spend with those who have passed, and for the time I have with those that are living. Each of them are blessings in my life and hold a place in my heart.

To My Father, Tamany and Wesley –

Thank you for the love, for the memories and for touching my heart and soul with your presence in my life. I have been blessed to have such amazing people in my life. I will never forget you.

As much as your physical presence is gone, I truly feel your presence now as my guiding angels watching over me and protecting me.

I really couldn’t have ever asked for better ANGELS.



3 thoughts on “My Angels

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  1. Shady,
    Absolutely beautiful & what lovely words to describe ur dad & friends…xoxo
    Knw in ur heart that ur dad will always be ur guardian angel.

    Lots of love

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