The Expat Life: Conversations with people “back home”

Expat Panda

I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of hearing the same boring statements from people we left behind to pursue a better life in a new country. When my friend Shardale and I were on Skype one afternoon (her in Macau and me in Kuwait), we were swopping stories about the things people ask us and realized- IT’S THE SAME ANNOYING QUESTIONS! So she has compiled some of the most frequently heard things that we expats have to deal with and here they are. Aren’t you tired of hearing:

You are so lucky/privileged/fortunate!

I am only this way because I have found the route to get here, which you can do also. Like most expats, I do not come from money; I found a way to give myself this opportunity.


When are you coming home?

I really have no set plans for this, home will always be…

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