The Bund

After a very successful day of sightseeing and traveling around to Yu Yuan Garden and the ancient water town of Zhujiajiao, bestie Enslin and I headed back to our hotel to freshen up, charge cameras, drink up some wine (it’s a necessity on an adventure), and head back to the beautiful Bund. We were so... Continue Reading →


Yu Yuan Garden & Zhujiajiao Water Town

Day 2 in Shanghai blessed us with beautiful sunny weather which had us back at Yu Yuan Garden happily to pose and take pictures of what we felt was an incredible, scenic and peaceful place. Getting here is so easy! I included some transportation tips below. One subway stop from our hotel and we happily... Continue Reading →

Welcome To Shanghai 

Our trip to Shanghai was truly one of those amazing adventure journeys that had us guessing, reading maps with no data, asking for help, walking for hours, being grumpy and then being extremely overjoyed when we set eyes on our beautiful destinations. Due to an early morning Monday flight from Hong Kong, we decided to... Continue Reading →

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